Menopause Success Summit
The Johnstown Estate

Sat 22nd Oct 2022 · 10am-5pm

In-Person · Meath

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Menopause Success Summit Cork 2022

You’ll be in a room full of women who all just ‘get it’

You are not alone on your menopause journey.

But you probably feel like you are. Because in Ireland, you’re expected to ‘shut up and put up’ during menopause.

That’s why Menopause Success Summit could change your life. A day filled with talks, fun, and the most up-to-date practical advice.

You’ll take control of menopause with the support of founder Catherine O’Keeffe, leading menopause experts, and a menopause sisterhood on the same journey as you.

It’s a day to focus on YOU.

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You’re bound to come away feeling as empowered as these women

My favourite part was being told to ‘look after you first.’

Marianne McGrath

May 22

Totally fabulous day – it should be done more.
Elizabeth Clancy

May 22

Reassuring, empowering, life-affirming.

Maria Buckley

May 22

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You’ll also be kept up-to-date with all of Catherine’s juicy info. Already adored by thousands of women going through menopause.


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You’re sure to meet women you’ll love getting to know

Had an amazing day meeting all us menopause ladies on the same journey.

Anne Murray

May 22

The feeling of ‘togetherness’ I got from the whole room, despite only actually knowing 1 person there, was very powerful.

Ann Quirke

May 22

Please continue to host these. Loved the day, made some new friends, was amazing.
Susan Brady

May 22