Menopause Success Summit Full Schedule


10.00AMWELCOMECatherine O'Keeffe - Menopause Workplace Consultant and founder of Menopause Success SummitIntroduction
10.05AMHORMONAL HARMONYDr Mary Ryan - Consultant EndocrinologistUnderstanding and embracing key hormonal changes during peri-menopause and menopause.
10.25AMEMOTIONAL WELLBEINGDiane Danzebrink - Therapist, Wellbeing Consultant and Menopause ExpertUnderstanding the psychological aspects of menopause – learn to manage your mood, emotions and mental health through menopause
10.55AMMENOPAUSE & DIGESTIONAlison Cullen - Nutritional PractitionerStomach Havoc or Stomach Heaven: optimising digestion for menopausal transition.
11.05AMMENTAL HEALTHMoira Geary - The Recombobulator, Personal Development Consultant, Psychotherapist and Founder of Mind Experts AcademyHow to manage overwhelm, anxiety, worry and fear during menopause
11.50AMHRTDr Brenda Moran - GP & Menopause SpecialistIs HRT right for me? Exploring the risks and benefits of HRT and if this treatment is for you
12.20PMSKINCARESherna Malone - Skin Health Expert & Facialist & Olivia Murray - Owner, Marie Reynolds London-Ireland; Skincare SpecialistWhy your skin changes during menopause and how you can maintain a healthy glow!
12.40PMBRAIN HEALTHDr Sabina Brennan - Health Psychologist & NeuroscientistFinding your way through the fog – how hormonal fluctuations and other lifestyle factors affect how your brain works and what you can do to adopt a super brain strategy
2.00PMOPTIMUM BESTGerry Duffy - Motivational SpeakerHow to Show Up at Your Optimum Best
2.30PMGSM SYMPTOMSDr Suzanne O'Sullivan - Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Urogynaecology SpecialistLearn how to look after your genital, sexual and urinary health through menopause
3.00PMMOVEMENTIrina Popova - Leading Yoga, Infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation TeacherTai Chi - Movement for menopause
3.15PMSLEEPTom Coleman - Sleep Specialist & Health ScientistSleeping sound – how to get the best sleep you can during menopause
3.50PMINSPIRING CHANGECatherine O'Keeffe - Menopause Workplace Consultant and founder of Menopause Success SummitEncouraging signs of change taking place in our society, workplaces and the community – what next?
4.10PMWEIGHT MANAGEMENTKathleen Hurley-Mullins - Beauty Salon Owner, Farmer, Operation Transformation Leader 2022 & Catriona Courtney - Registered Sports and Exercise NutritionistEmbracing your menopause body – practical tips to help manage your weight and shape during menopause
4.35PMCRACKING UPNoelle Brown - Actor, Writer, ActivistWhen all else fails, laughter really is the best medicine!
4.45PMCLOSING REMARKSCatherine O'Keeffe - Menopause Workplace Consultant and founder of Menopause Success Summit
5.00pmCONFERENCE CLOSECatherine O'Keeffe - Menopause Workplace Consultant and founder of Menopause Success Summit