Menopause Success Summit Full Schedule

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10.00WelcomeCatherine O'Keeffe - Menopause Workplace Consultant and founder of Menopause Success SummitIntroduction
10:05RelationshipsDiane Danzebrink - Therapist, Wellbeing Consultant and Menopause ExpertMaintaining healthy relationships during menopause (Romantic, Familial, Professional, Friendships, Self)
10:35Brain FogDr. Sabina Brennan - Chartered health psychologist, neuroscientistBeating Brain Fog
11:15SkincareOlivia Murray - Owner, Marie Reynolds London-Ireland; Skincare SpecialistSaving your skin - how to maintain a healthy natural glow through your menopause
11:30MovementPhilippa Donnellan - Dance ArtistDance Segment
11:40Morning Break
12:20Option 1: HRTDr. Sarah Callaghan - Women's Health GPHRT - Your questions answered with Dr Sarah Callaghan
12:20Option 2: Surgical MenopauseDiane Danzebrink - Therapist, Wellbeing Consultant and Menopause ExpertSurgical & Early Menopause - how to navigate your unique journey.
13:00PsychologicalMary Lynn: PsychotherapistThe psychological Journey. Crisis or Awakening?
14:20Pelvic HealthMaeve Whelan - Chartered Physiotherapist in Pelvic HealthPelvic Health - The floor, the core and a little bit more!
14:55Pharma SupportOonagh O'Hagan - Pharmacist, Owner Meaghers PharmacyThe beneficial role your pharmacist can play to support you during menopause
15:15Holistic ApproachDr. Fiona Barry Phd - Women’s Health Practitioner & Educator, Wellbeing Consultant, Fertility & Menopause ExpertMenopause: A Holistic Approach - The role of acupuncture & herbs in managing your menopause
15:30MovementIrina Popova - Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yoga PractitionerTai-chi to target and alleviate menopausal symptoms
15:40Afternoon Break
16:15Stress ManagementCatherine O'Keeffe - Menopause Workplace Consultant and founder of Menopause Success SummitUnderstanding the impact of stress on your menopause and what you can do to support yourself now and for the future years
16:40Weight ManagementAlva O'Sullivan - Nutritionist and Health CoachBalancing the scales and healthy lifestyle choices to achieve your optimum weight in menopause