Menopause Success Summit

‘Reassuring, empowering, life-affirming’

The best concise guide to menopause. All in 1 place. In 1 day.

The Johnstown Estate · Meath

Sat 22nd Oct 2022 · 10am-5pm · €165

A 1-day event to set you up for success through your menopause

Speakers at the Cork Summit in May

Speakers at the Cork Summit in May 2022. Photo by Jed Niezgoda

There’s so much confusing and conflicting information about the menopause out there.

But what do you actually need to know? And which information is actually correct, and the most up-to-date?

Get the answers at the Menopause Success Summit, where we’ll be taking the mystery out of the menopause so you’ll be empowered with the knowledge you need to flourish through your entire menopause journey.

Join us at the Johnstown Estate and connect with hundreds of women who are on the same journey as you.

Get expert advice and practical takeaways on all the hottest menopause topics including…

Sleep, Sexual Health, Weight Management, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Menopause In The Workplace, Psychological Effects, Brain Health, Perimenopause, Holistic Therapies, Nutrition

You’ll get the latest advice from top experts

We have an incredible lineup of experts who will all share the latest research and top practical takeaways for your menopause journey.

Catherine OKeeffe

Catherine O’Keeffe

Stress Management

Noelle Brown

Noelle Brown


Dr. Sabina Brennan

Dr Sabina Brennan

Brain Fog

Diane Danzebrink

Diane Danzebrink


Maeve Whelan

Maeve Whelan

Pelvic Health

Dr. Sarah Callaghan

Dr. Sarah Callaghan


Oonagh O'Hagan

Oonagh O’ Hagan

Pharma Support

Dr. Fiona Barry PhD

Dr. Fiona Barry PhD

Holistic Approach

Alva O'Sullivan

Alva O’Sullivan

Weight Management

Mary Lynn

Mary Lynn


Olivia Murray

Olivia Murray


Irina Popova

Irina Popova


‘We are the generation for change’

It’s women coming together to support each other as we acknowledge our mothers went through this unsupported, but we are the generation for change.

Mary Curtis

Thank you for raising awareness! Every speaker was excellent. I felt great afterwards, ready to put all we learned into practice.


I had an amazing day meeting all us menopause ladies on same journey.

Anne Murray

The Johnstown Estate
© The Johnstown Estate

You’re invited to get away for the day

Because when you change your environment, it’s easier to change your way of thinking.

Our destination? The gorgeous Johnstown Estate in Meath.

Just look at it! Talk about living in the lap of luxury for the day!

You’ll get away. You’ll open yourself up to new ideas. You’ll find new joy on your journey.

The Johnstown Estate
Enfield, Co. Meath, Ireland A83 V070
Exit 9 off the M4

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‘Knowing I’m not alone has been a tremendous help’

The day before I was having a really low day mood-wise and starting to question my meaning, etc… so going to MSS was timely. It helped calm my mind to focus on the positive. 

Martha Cunningham

I went for a walk with my pal the next morning and we shouted MENOPAUSE at a field full of cows… we laughed and laughed. But we’re women all together in this. After MSS, I want to spread the word and talk more. That’s how we become informed.


I decided to go because I’ve met a lack of professional information about perimenopause from my GP. Thinking you are quietly going mad on your own is horrendous, but knowing I’m not alone has been a tremendous help.

Carol O’Dea

Catherine O'Keeffe on stage at Cork Summit

Catherine O’Keeffe on stage at the Summit in Cork. Photo by Jed Niezgoda.

Catherine O'Keeffe

Meet your host: Catherine O’Keeffe, Wellness Warrior

Catherine is Ireland’s first menopause coach and a leading corporate speaker on Menopause in the Workplace.

As Wellness Warrior, she’s worked with thousands of women through one-to-ones and speaking engagements, changing the way we approach menopause by ending the silence and confusion that surrounds it.

Join Catherine and become part of the mission to empower women to successfully navigate the menopause and come into a fuller, more powerful chapter of life.

I’m so excited to host this live event that brings together the top menopause experts to show every woman who attends that she is not alone.

I know only too well that the menopause journey can be a confusing and vulnerable experience, but once you’re armed with the essential knowledge we’ll be sharing during the event, and once you see how many other women out there are on the same journey as you, you’ll feel way more supported and empowered to succeed through your menopause.

You’ve got this!

Catherine O'Keeffe

Catherine is shattering the taboo in top publications

Irish Examiner
Her Magazine
Ready To Be Real by Sile Seoige
Image Magazine

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‘The whole day was mind-blowing’

I went so I could find out up-to-date information on menopause. It was such an informative and uplifting day. Well done, Catherine and the team!

Anita Bane

I work as a nurse and I get shrugged off any time I mention menopause… As in, get on with it!! And this is predominantly a women’s profession!!!? 😂 But hearing everyone’s story at MSS made me feel like I am not alone. There’s lots of support out there.
Ann Keaveney

I’m in perimenopause so I wanted to be educated and meet like-minded women. I came on my own and made new friends. I loved the day. It was inspiring and super enjoyable. Thank you Catherine, you are amazing ❤️Please continue to host these.
Susan Brady

Menopause Success Summit is PERFECT for you if you’re…

  • At any point along your menopause journey, from just entering perimenopause and on
  • Confused and overwhelmed by all the conflicting and unclear information out there
  • Craving answers to the questions about menopause that no one else is talking about
  • Wondering how to proactively support your health and happiness through menopause
  • Ready to be empowered with the understanding you need to succeed through menopause

Don’t miss the next Menopause Success Summit

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‘Made me feel more “able” to face the future’

Thank you for providing a forum in which we have a voice again.

Martina Gallagher

The most informative day I have attended in a very long time. I came away from it feeling determined to make changes in my life, and made me feel more “able” to face the future. There was a feeling of “togetherness” I got from the whole room.
Ann Quirke

My favourite part was the Woman Power in the room. I now feel more equipped to disseminate information at my workplace.
Amanda Hickey

Great experience. Excellent sense of not being on your own!
Sarah Higgins

I came away feeling empowered.

Fabulous day. Bring on the next one!
Ann Mulligan