Menopause Success Summit


Here’s what you need to know about bladder leaks!

By Laura Dowling, the ‘Fabulous Pharmacist’,  Always Discreet brand ambassador

Wee need to talk bladder leaks! The Menopause Success Summit is a perfect opportunity to really get talking about this topic and raise awareness. I’m proud to be partnering with Always Discreet to talk about this taboo and help educate us all so women can navigate this common part of the menopause journey more openly. 

Did you know 1 in 3 women experience adult incontinence?

Always Discreet is on a mission to break the silence on bladder leaks and encourage women to start a conversation today!  Menopause affects each woman in a unique way, with bladder leaks infrequently discussed as part of the experience. It is so important we break down the various ways women experience menopause and through education and open conversation, women can realise their story is not an isolated one. Based on a recent Always Discreet’ s survey, +1/3 women experience adult incontinence so there’s nothing isolated about this experience! 

Did you know why women experience bladder leaks during menopause?

So, why is this common during menopause? As women become perimenopausal, estrogen levels start to drop. The drop in this hormone thins the urethra and weakens the pelvic floor, meaning bladder leaks may become more likely for some women during menopause.  And while this is out of our control, there are steps we can actively take to minimise the effects of this process.

Did you know there are ways to help combat adult incontinence?

We know that a strong pelvic floor is a great way to combat the effect menopause can have on womens bladders and I’ve found that the Always Discreet Menopause Education Hub is a fantastic resource.  There, you will find ‘The Pelvic Lift’ exercises and detailed descriptions on how to do these exercises correctly whenever, wherever. You can literally do them in the car, washing up, at work…anywhere! (and no one will know!) The hub continues to educate hundreds of thousands of women on what to expect from their menopause journey and exists to help women live a life without compromise and be ready for bladder leaks. 

Did you know Always Discreet offers secure protection that you can barely feel? 

For those on this journey to a stronger pelvic floor, Always Discreet is a really great product to provide protection for sensitive bladders. Interestingly, many women are yet to make the change to dedicated bladder leak protection with many still using period products to prevent leaks. Because Always Discreet are built differently and can absorb up to four times more than period pads those experiencing adult incontinence need to make sure they are using the right products for their needs . Always Discreet offers thin yet secure protection you can barely feel.

The Menopause Success Summit and globally recognised World Menopause Day shows us that we are definitely on the right track. It is wonderful to see that the menopause experience has become a topic of huge discussion, yet it’s a shock to many women when bladder leaks can become part of that. In order for education and progress to happen, #WeeNeedToTalk bladder leaks if we are to improve the menopause experience our mothers, sisters, friends and daughters! 

For concerns about menopause or bladder weakness, please consult your GP as a first step.  Please visit for the latest information about Always Discreet.  


Always Discreet is a sponsor of the Menopause Success Summit 2022

Menopause Success Summit

Royal Marine Hotel
Dún Laoghaire · Dublin

Sat 22nd Oct 2023 · 9.30am-5.30pm

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