Let’s Talk Hormone Health Podcast

It’s great to continuously make connections with women of all ages, backgrounds and paths through my work, and it’s no secret I love to reach more and more people to speak to about menopause. The past few year’s restrictions have challenged us all to innovate how to reach a wider audience and thereby continue educating women on hormone health.

I was delighted when Lorraine Keane launched the Let’s Talk Hormone Health Podcast in October 2019 to mark World Menopause Day 2020 – it has proved so popular she now has 5 episodes.

I was one of the first guests and you can listen to our chat here!

Lorraine started the Let’s Talk Hormone Health Podcast with Cleanmarine MenoMin to encourage women to talk about perimenopause and menopause with their friends, to share experiences and knowledge and support each other through this difficult time in a woman’s life. In the first episodes she spoke candidly to Maia Dunphy about her experience, in an open and entertaining conversation that many women can relate to.

Speaking about her podcast series, Lorraine Keane said; ““Knowing more about the role of hormones in women’s health has improved my life so much, I want to bring this knowledge to all Irish women and Cleanmarine Let’s Talk Hormone Health Podcast Series is enabling that”

Personally I think that The Cleanmarine Let’s Talk Hormones Health Podcast is a great initiative to educate women about menopause. It is important to continue to open up the menopause conversation in Ireland, the more educated women and their employers are about menopause and managing it successfully the smoother the transition will be”. Have a listen wherever you get your podcasts!

Cleanmarine MenoMin are a sponsor of The Menopause Success Summit 2021.

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