Menopause Success Summit

Irish Examiner – Knowledge is power when navigating menopause

“This is not self-care, it’s crucial care. You have to look after yourself in menopause, otherwise you will just be overtaken by the symptoms, particularly from the stress point of view, because we know that exacerbates the majority of symptoms.” 

In advance of the Cork Summit in May I had the opportunity to speak with the Irish Examiner about what to expect at the upcoming event. Our chat happened around the same time that the Davina McCall documentary was out and menopause was very much in the news. If you follow me on socials you’ll see exactly what my thoughts were at the time and I still maintain that every woman’s menopause experience is unique. You have to educate yourself, find a support network, talk to the experts, listen to your body and do what is right for you.

Although we did have a session on HRT with Dr Breda Moran at the Summit and we discussed the controversy around shortages, the day was so much more than that – a place for women in perimenopause and menopause to learn loads about a range of topics, ask questions of the experts, swap stories, share common experience and have a laugh! You can’t beat being in a room full of women who are all on this journey together – in fact it is the best way to normalise what we are all going through by talking about it and staying open to learning more. See you at the next one! (P.s Here’s that article in the Examiner)

Menopause Success Summit

Royal Marine Hotel
Dún Laoghaire · Dublin

Sat 22nd Oct 2023 · 9.30am-5.30pm

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