Menopause Success Summit

Echo Live – The Menopause Success Summit Comes to Cork

“It’s an inevitable stage of life and we have to be comfortable with it. It’s also everyone’s business, not just women, because everyone is impacted by it. We have to start thinking really wide and big about the menopause.”

I had a great chat with Emma Connolly from Echo Live in advance of the Summit taking place in Cork.

You can read the full article HERE .

In case you don’t get a chance to read the full article, here again are my top tips that I shared with readers!


  • Educate yourself – deepen your education but find trusted resources and take one piece of information at a time. It can be an overwhelming time – don’t add to it.
  • Sleep is the bedrock to managing most symptoms. Getting good sleep is crucial.
  • Find support. Find your tribe through family, friends, and work colleagues. Don’t feel like you’re alone

Despite how far I have come on my menopause journey, there are days I have to remind myself of this key advice.

Menopause Success Summit

Royal Marine Hotel
Dún Laoghaire · Dublin

Sat 22nd Oct 2023 · 9.30am-5.30pm

Up-to-date advice from leading experts. All in 1 place. In 1 day.