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25 September 10am-5pm
A live online event giving you the latest information from top experts on the hottest menopause topics

15 international speakers featured in a 1-day interactive live event to set you up for success through your menopause

There’s so much confusing and conflicting information about the menopause out there.

But what do you actually need to know? And which information is actually correct, and the most up-to-date?

In this live online event we’re taking the mystery out of the menopause so you’ll be empowered with the knowledge you need to flourish through your entire menopause journey.

Tune in and learn from the top menopause experts and ask them your questions – without having to leave your home.

Get expert advice and practical takeaways on all the hottest menopause topics including…

Hormone Replacement Therapy, Weight Management, Nutrition, Brain Fog, Menopause in the Workplace, Sleep ,   Psychological Effects, Perimenopause, Holistic Therapies, Sexual Health

Menopause Success Summit 2021 Speakers

Each of our menopause experts will share the latest research and top practical takeaways in their field of expertise.

Dr. Lisa Mosconi

Brain Fog

Lorraine Keane

Special Guest

Sile Seoige

Special Guest

Catherine O’Keeffe

Menopause At Work

Dr. Deirdre Lundy


Meaghan Esser

Bone Health

Diane Danzebrink

Mental Health

Dr. Zoe Williams


Anny O Neill

Anny O’Neill

Holistic Therapies

Dr Mary Ryan

Dr. Mary Ryan


Tom Coleman


Amanda Thebe

Amanda Thebe

Weight Management

Noelle Brown

Noelle Brown

Special Guest

Laura Dowling

Laura Dowling

Special Guest

Emily Power Smith

Emily Power Smith

Sexual Pleasure

Trudy Hannington

Trudy Hannington

Sexual Pleasure

Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee

Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee

Special Guest

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Meet your host: Catherine O’Keeffe, Wellness Warrior

Catherine is Ireland’s first menopause coach and a leading corporate speaker on Menopause in the Workplace.

As Wellness Warrior, she’s worked with thousands of women through one-to-ones and speaking engagements, changing the way we approach menopause by ending the silence and confusion that surrounds it.

Join Catherine and become part of the mission to empower women to successfully navigate the menopause and come into a fuller, more powerful chapter of life.

I’m so excited to host this live event that brings together the top menopause experts to show every woman who attends that she is not alone.

I know only too well that the menopause journey can be a confusing and vulnerable experience, but once you’re armed with the essential knowledge we’ll be sharing during the event, and once you see how many other women out there are on the same journey as you, you’ll feel way more supported and empowered to succeed through your menopause.

You’ve got this!

Catherine O'Keeffe

Just some of the publications Catherine has been featured in

Irish Examiner
Her Magazine
Ready To Be Real by Sile Seoige
Image Magazine

Will you love the Menopause Success Summit?

You will if you’re…

  • At any point along your menopause journey, from just entering perimenopause and on
  • Confused and overwhelmed by all the conflicting and unclear information out there
  • Craving answers to the questions about menopause that no one else is talking about
  • Wondering how to proactively support your health and happiness through menopause
  • Ready to be empowered with the understanding you need to succeed through menopause

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Menopause Success Summit?

The Menopause Success Summit is a 1-day live and interactive online event bringing together top experts to share the latest information on the hottest menopause topics.

It’s hosted by Catherine O’Keeffe, Wellness Warrior: Ireland’s first menopause coach.

The summit takes place on Saturday, 25th September 2021, 10-5pm.

Book your ticket now.

Can I ask questions live?
Yes you’ll be able to use a chat box to ask questions throughout the day. We know the day will be packed with loads of information so we’ll do our best to cover as many questions as possible, but we may not be able to get to them all.
When will more details about the speakers, schedule, and talk topics be listed?
We’ll be constantly updating this page now through the event, so check back in regularly to see announcements about speakers, talks, and the day’s schedule.
Can I choose which talks I want to see?
All the talks will be broadcast as a livestream and there won’t be any overlap, so you’ll be able to tune in to as many talks as you’d like throughout the day.
If I miss a session, will there be a recording?
Yes, you’ll be able to watch a recording for a limited time after the event. We’ll send you an email containing a personalised link attached to your log-in that will allow you to view the recording.
What time zone is this event in?
The event will be held in Irish Standard Time (UTC+1), 10-5pm, Saturday, 25 September 2021.
Can my spouse/partner attend with me?
Absolutely! We’d love for you to experience the Menopause Success Summit with your partner at your side.
Is there a special group rate?
There is a corporate group rate for bookings of 10+ tickets. Please get in touch at for more details.
Can I transfer my ticket to another person or buy a ticket as a gift?
After purchasing a ticket, you can transfer your ticket to another person for an admin fee of €15.

To purchase a ticket as a gift, simply register the receiver’s name and email address during checkout.

Can I get a refund if I’m not able to attend?
Please see our refund policy for full details.
Is it possible to become a sponsor of the event?
If you’d like to know more about becoming one of The Menopause Success Summit’s highly appreciated sponsors, please get in touch at

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